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Indian alternatives to trendy superfoods to stock up on

Superfoods are a rage all over the globe. As people take newer initiatives to keep themselves healthy and detoxify from the pollutants, superfoods have become a must have in the grocery lists. Useful aside, most of these super nutricious and trendy items are high on the price spectrum and also a little hard to find. But litte do we know that we have some superfoods growing within our own country fields which we end up ignoring.

The next time you are in the market looking for superfoods like kale and chia seeds, be sure to use these alternatives as well which are no less nutritious than their global counterparts.

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Basil seeds

Chia seeds are very popular nowadays and essential for good bone and brain health. A very close and widely found alternative to chia seeds are basil seeds, commonly known as subja seeds. They both originate from the mint family. Basil seeds contain a lot of fatty acids and help control iron and vitamin levels in the body and also help in fighting the common flu.

Moringa powder

Matcha tea is a social media favourite and slowly taking over the food markets. As compared to the green matcha tea, the Indian version, Moringa powder extracted from the super nutritious Moringa is loaded with powerful vitamins, minerals and calciums which is way greater than the matcha concentrate and has been used in South Indian households for generations. The only difference is, while matcha is a little sweeter, moringa has a little dull taste.


Amaranth seeds are slowly gaining popularity amongst the organically driven crowds replacing quinoa. Full of calcium, minerals and rich in zinc, amaranth also holds a very important position in Ayurveda. As compared to quinoa, amaranth is very affordable and light on the pockets.


Be it juice or eaten raw, Amla is beneficial in all its variants. A good and affordable wonder drug, Amla is better than the widely popular acai berry, which has anti ageing properties. Amla, or gooseberries are immunity boosting and rich in Vitamin C.


Ginseng has been widely used and praised for its treatment of sexual dysfunction. A more common and cheaper alternative to it is Indian ashvagandha, which finds its routes in ayurveda is known to heal and strengthen the brain and the body. It is also known to fight anxiety and depression and recommended to improve quality of life and health.

Coconut oil

Olive oil has taken over the kitchen and markets quite literally. While the variant carries its own nourishing properties, local Indian produce like coconut oil are packed with equally good nutrients and have been used in families for a long while. Popularly used oils like sesame oil, mustard oil and peanut oil have rich properties which are good for the body.


Buckwheat or commonly known as Kuttu Ka Aata is used extensively during fasting and contains high dosage of powerful nutrients like magnesium, iron and pottasium as compared to oats. The amino acids in buckwheat help maintain a healthy and balanced gut functioning.


Colourful goji berries are a powerpacked superfood but even more powerful is its Indian counterpart, Jamun which have been prescribed and used extensively to treat Diabetes. Available locally, Jamun also help fight tiredness and build a strong immunity.

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